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ATi’s new combination of Flame and Gas Detection Systems allows a one-stop solution to customer requirements, including a full installation and commissioning package.


ATi301V smallThe ATi301-V is a self-contained CCTV Flame Detector, with false alarm immunity and incident recording for post analysis.


If a fire can be seen by the naked eye, then this detector will work. As it doesn’t rely on traditional heat detection, it will trigger through glass and windscreens – welding, grinding and sunlight will not cause false alarms.


With traditional infra-red detectors, rain and mist can reduce detection performance, meaning alarms may not trigger.  No such issue with the ATI301-V as it works within the visual light spectrum!


The ATi301-V also sends live video streaming for remote viewing – a bonus for seeing what’s going on prior to entry. In addition, we have developed wire-free video transmission, which could be viewed on a smartphone.


As an ATEX Zone 1 approved and SIL rated performance device, both explosive and safe area situations are covered.  If coupled with our unique self-checking Autotest Gas Detection devices, there’s no application which cannot be covered.


All ATi Controllers are compatible with the ATI301-V, offering the full fire & gas package.


Please contact mark.bastable@atiuk.com for further information.

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