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Golf mad ATi teed-off for the annual ATi BBQ and golf tournament last month, and enjoyed plenty of fun in the sun!

 Garry's golf team

With the sun blaring, excellent food, combined with enthusiastic team spirit, everyone had a fantastic day.

Chris's golf team

European Sales Manager Garry Tabor and Technical Manager Chris McTear travelled to Philadelphia to represent the UK.  Five teams of four took part in the four-ball golf competition in Philadelphia, each playing shotgun start and playing the better ball.


It was good see a mixture of customers, reps, contractors, suppliers and staff from across the US, all of whom were competitive yet etiquette was still observed – apart from the friendly banter and attempts to put players off!


Golf 3The heat was exhausting (thank heavens for the buggies!) and there was a mixed bag of good, lucky and crazy shots from all who took part.  However Garry’s team came second and Chris won the prize for being closest to the pin, so not all was lost!


The annual golfing event for ATi staff, in both the USA and UK, is held to celebrate the company’s growth and development throughout the year, and to thank all employees for all their hard work.


However, the trip to the US wasn’t all about golf, it was also an opportunity for us to catch up Chris golf 1with the US team and discuss our exciting new products and technology, such as the ChlorNet, along with training sessions.  The Chlornet has now been redesigned so that the unit is housed in a much smaller case following feedback from customers.  The ChlorNet is now another 4″ smaller, yet still using the standard Q45H62 sensor.  The training workshops focused on the new Q46F chlorine sensor and C21 Dri-Gas system for gas sensors which have now been launched.


These are exciting times for ATi with some fantastic new products being developed and launched, which many of our customers will benefit from.


We would like to thank all the ATi US staff for their time, great food, drinks and fun on the green.  We had a fantastic time and more importantly, a real laugh!



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