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ATi has been awarded a gas detection contract with a major Japanese car manufacturer, following a successful trial.

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The Wiltshire based car-company carried out an evaluation of ATi’s D12 Infrared Gas Detector, monitoring levels of methane gas within their paint shop.  Based on the unrivaled results, ATi has now been successfully awarded a contract to help tackle gas detection issues.


The Japanese manufacturer has invested in 25 of the D12 methane gas detector to help further improve staff safety. The infrared gas detector is designed for operation in hazardous areas which continuously monitors critical sensor functions, indicating any sensor problems.


The car manufacturer will now benefit from the specially designed explosion-proof sensor and enclosure; an internal data logger where measured gas values are stored at user-definable intervals that can be recalled when needed; and an LCD that displays the gas concentrations in large numbers, which is backlit for increased visibility.


Safety at work is essential when working in any gas plant environment and ATi‘s specialist knowledge in manufacturing electrochemical gas sensors is the core element within its extensive range of toxic and combustible gas leak detecting instruments.


ATi European Sales Manager, Garry Tabor, said:


“Reaching and maintaining exemplary gas safety-levels demands that companies continue to review their current systems and invest in new technology to ensure standards are preserved and to increase efficiency and cost savings. The ATi D12IR gas detector has again proven to be an intelligent, dependable tool capable of providing increased safety and accurate data easily and efficiently.


“ATi’s philosophy is very simple,” continued Gary. “We aim to provide good value solutions to our customers and to always go the extra mile by offering industry-leading levels of service. We are deeply rooted in the principle of developing and manufacturing sensors that will protect lives, improve process control and protect the environment.”

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