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Analytical Technology are proud to reveal that we now provide Thames Water with all their gas detection requirements for over 60 disinfection sites.

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Thames water have adopted ATi’s AutoTest feature as the “Gold Standard” for the protection of all of Thames personnel on site.


Following feedback from staff at Thames, we are also continuing to work towards enhancing the current analog alarm system into a Smart Digital System, which will allow Thames staff to monitor all sites in real-time and remotely.  This custom engineered system will feature the ability to initiate a remote “AutoTest” of the complete gas system at each site from a centralised control point.


AutoTest_Master RGB_72dpiATi’s patented design automatically checks itself daily with self-generated gas, allowing for safer and more confident monitoring.  Our SMART Sensors are designed to detect and monitor potentially hazardous toxic gas leaks, to ensure the safest working environment for plant operators.  It provides an early warning alarm if gas escapes, allowing for timely remedial or protective actions to be undertaken.  The ATi control system not only receives information from the gas detectors, but will also control the area environmentally as it will be linked into heating and ventilation control systems.


This work at Thames is now close to completion and proves once more that ATi are fully engaged with our customers’ needs and desired objectives by working closely together to continually develop solutions.


When this work is complete, the Thames Water site gas detection systems will be second to none, providing the very best health and safety of Thames personnel as well as operational efficiency and cost benefit.


Thames Water can now rest easy, knowing their safety systems are working 24/7.


Chlorine framework re-newed


On another note, we have just recently had the Thames Water framework renewed for residual chlorine monitors. This is now the third award from Thames water and confirms that water companies don’t always purchase on price alone…. monitor performance and the level of field service support and the reassurance that ATi provides also plays a major role in our success.


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