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Industry experts are hailing ATi’s MetriNet as the sustainable solution for the complex challenges in the water sector, which will not only bring down complaints, but also proactively safeguard water quality for customer use.


MN Jigsaw final

Regarded as a breakthrough in water quality monitoring, the MetriNet provides a flexible method for delivering information, even from remote locations.  Powered with ATi’s M-Nodes, the smallest smart digital sensors around that allows use in deep water networks, MetriNet adopts a modular approach to the distributed collection of water quality data.


Smart Technology Solutions


MetriNet smart intelligent networks image 1The introduction of multi-parameter monitors means that an INTELLIGENT, not just smart, water distribution network is now in reach, which predicts a forthcoming event, discoloration, taste and odour, loss of disinfection, burst or leak and automatically acts to prevent or mitigate the event. A network that measures, thinks, predicts and takes actions in the best interests of its customers.



Not only is this within reach, some companies are already well along the journey towards smart water networks.  MetriNet systems are already delivering actionable insights and are identifying potential risks within DMAs and its water-saver feature also allows continuous measurement or batch-sampling regime.


ATi are one year into a proof of concept project with Southern Water, with excellent results.  This has led to a meeting with DEFRA, where Southern Water presented all their findings from the trial, outlining their vision.  They explained to the DWI the crucial role that water quality is now playing in their long-term strategic plans and how the MetriNet is vital piece of this jigsaw.


Innovation and Collaboration

Innovation and collaboration play a vital part in providing solutions to the challenges faced by the Water Industry.  Advances in robust, high-precision, reliable and smart network monitors are revolutionising water quality management in water distribution systems.


Embracing new technologies presents fantastic opportunities. By collaborating to connect people, data and resources, we can use these opportunities to achieve more cost-effective solutions with greater benefits to the water industry, the environment and society.


Smart water network image inspired by Southern Water.

Smart water network image inspired by Southern Water.

Developing an integrated approach to address water quality challenges, working collaboratively with partners, stakeholders and regulators, water companies can optimise their expertise and expenditure, ensuring a robust outcome for themselves, wider society and the environment.


Understanding network behaviour by using SMART monitors allows operators to truly understand the networks, predict their behaviour and plan solutions, all whilst being able to condition the mains or have long-term maintenance strategies in place to reduce customer complaints and safeguard against water quality failures.



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