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Mike and Garry have recently returned from a fantastic trip to our Spanish distributors Mejoras Energeticas, it was a successful trip and as usual the agenda was full!

Mejoras photo

The hot topic of the week was the introduction of the MetriNet to the Spanish industry, with the main focus being the new product launch of the MetriNet into the Spanish industry.


Mejoras are very advanced in both their technical and business abilities, which was demonstrated when they developed and introduced the Athanea LC – a portable battery powered chlorine monitor with GPRS communications, designed for measurement and data logging of free / combined chlorine in drinking water distribution systems. It is due to this sophisticated approach to business that Mejoras are very keen to launch the new MetriNet, which helps improve water quality in the pipes between a plant and the consumer.  The Spanish market is very developed, similar to the UK, and they are keen to introduce the pioneering MetriNet into their market as they also believe it will have a profound impact on the way the UK and Spanish water industries measure and manage water quality.


After the successful product launch meeting, Mejoras then rewarded everyone for their hard work by holding a team building exercise….which involved trekking up a mountain!  Unfortunately Mike had to catch a plane back to the UK, but Garry was eager to take part and joined the team for the fun but tiring trip.  Garry takes pride in his fitness and regular exercise, but this hike up a mountain nearly finished him off!


Garry on top of mountainThe excursion started in the hot sun in an unused train stop called “Apeadero de Camorritos”, where the team climbed 1.5km up to the viewpoint called “El mirador de los Poetas”.  By the time they reached the top, the ground was covered in snow and everyone had to reach for their hats and gloves!


To celebrate reaching the top in one piece, Garry and the team from Mejoras went to a local village at the top of the mountain called Los Molinos and visited the La Cuadra bar for tapas and beers.


After replenishing their energy levels (along with a bit of dutch courage!) the team then followed a path named “Senda Herreros” up to the source of Pradillo river, before finally making the return journey down “Carretera de Puricelli” to watch the sun set.


Garry and MiguelThe next day, despite the tiring mountain climb, Garry joined Mejoras Managing Director Miguel for a round of golf at the prestigious Club De Campo Villa de Madrid, owned by Severiano Ballesteros, the greatest golfer Spain has ever produced.  Sevi sadly died on May 7th 2011 aged 54, but left behind a real legacy, so it was a real privilege for Garry, a true golf enthusiast, to be able to play on the course.


As always, Mike and Garry’s trip to visit Mejoras was not only very productive, but also thoroughly enjoyable.  Every year Mejoras’s business grows and our relationship continues to grow with it, so we look forward to many more successful business trips in the future!


Mejoras collage

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