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MetriNet The Movie!

Analytical Technology is proud to unveil ‘MetriNet the Movie’, aimed at raising awareness of the groundbreaking capabilities of our pioneering MetriNet.

MetriNet logo

ATi’s informative new video  demonstrates how our industry-leading multi-parameter monitor is helping water companies to update old water distribution networks into ‘smart’ water networks.


This new innovative water quality monitoring system brings together ATi’s know-how and year’s of experience to produce revolutionary tiny sensors, known as M-Nodes.  This technology now means that for the first time, water companies can measure all parameters within water quality in distribution networks, anywhere from the treatment works to the tap, online and in real-time.


A deployed MetriNet system means better water quality at the tap, reduced customer contacts, more evidence for the DWI and less risky drinking water safety plans – all this for reduced network costs, building trust with the customer and improving the financial performance of water companies.


The journey towards smart water networks is one that the water industry is already on –  using MetriNet is the next step on that journey, providing smart sensors for smart networks.


Take a sneaky peak and let us know what you think!


MN NM graphic

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