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Monitoring the Presence of Gas

Gas FlameIn the right place, doing the job that they’re intended to do, gasses of various kinds are incredibly useful, particularly as a fuel source and provider of heat and light. The properties which ensure that this is the case, however, can be extremely dangerous if they’re present in the wrong place at the wrong time, or in too high a concentration. Many gasses are toxic, highly flammable or both, and setting up gas monitoring systems to ensure that they don’t leak from containers and pipes to contaminate the general atmosphere is of vital importance. Alongside the safety issues inherent in working with gas is the fact that even a small leak, if left undetected and not rectified, can lead to major losses of revenue and earnings.

The best and most effective type of monitor to use in any situation is dependent upon factors such as the particular type of gas you’re trying to detect, and the environment in which you’re detecting it.

Amongst the most popular and widely used types of detection system are the following:

Electrochemical Detectors – This type of monitor can be customised to detect particular concentrations of gas and is suitable for a wide range of environments. Although stable when in place, it will need replacing due to corrosion and wear every twelve to twenty four months.

Infrared Point Detectors – These are often used to detect the presence of flammable gasses in places such as refineries and chemical plants, thus reducing the possibility of explosions.

Semiconductor Detectors – normally used to detect gas over a smaller are than the other monitors, semiconductor detectors are often used within a domestic setting to prevent any build-up of harmful carbon monoxide.

The key to successfully monitoring the presence of gas in a given situation is ensuring you have the right kind of monitor, and putting in place a system of regular maintenance to be certain that the monitor is working to the optimum capacity at all times.

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About Analytical Technology

Analytical Technology Inc, (ATi) is a UK branch of an American owned company. We supply monitoring solutions with the use of analytical instrumentation based on electrochemical and optical sensors. We specialise in water quality measurements and toxic gas detection and strive to achieve outstanding customer service levels, offer reliable sales advice, and provide technical support for tricky applications.
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