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Odour Control Savings Not To B e Sniffed At

Analytical Technology has developed a hydrogen sulphide monitor that for the first time enables you to measure levels of H2S in difficult applications, while offering savings for monitoring systems of up to 90%.

ATi's hydrogen sulphide monitors boast ground-breaking technology that offer a lower priced alternative  for waste water treatment plants.

ATi’s H2S monitors feature ground-breaking technology that offer a lower priced alternative for waste water treatment plants.

With odour control moving from an afterthought to a primary design consideration amongst all waste water treatment plants, ATi has developed an innovative odour monitoring system that offers a continuous, accurate and reliable approach to on-line H2S monitoring in wet conditions at an affordable cost.

With an installed cost of only £2,000, specialist electrochemical sensor manufacturer ATi has produced ground-breaking technology that offers a lower priced alternative to expensive ‘tape and film based’ H2S monitors.  The Q45S monitor for scrubbers utilises a sensor designed to operate in condensing gas streams without the water vapour blinding the sensor. This can be typical of standard sulphide monitors. The relatively low cost also makes it economically viable to monitor even small scrubbers.

Typically, dry media, chemical and bio scrubbing odour control systems start from £30,000, yet some H2S monitors cost up to £20,000, which is just not viable.  Historically, sewage treatment plants have often struggled to justify the expense of installing H2S monitors that can cost up to 80% of the value of smaller plants.  However, ATi’s Q45S H2S monitor is available to suit all budgets and applications at £2,000, which is around 6% of even the smallest plants, and offers water treatment facilities a cost effective solution to avoiding expensive breaches of regulations and resident complaints.

Dr Michael Strahand, ATi’s European General Manager, said: “All scrubber technology available on the market is efficient and alerts waste treatment facilities to any H2S breakthroughs. Legislative limits vary but are typically around 1ppm for most waste water treatment plants, meaning each of the varying technologies will alert operators before the legislative limit is reached.”

However, the key advantage of ATi’s Q45S monitor is that in addition to its low cost, it

ATi's Q45S Hydrogen Sulphide monitor for scrubbers is available to suit all budgets and applications.

ATi’s Q45S Hydrogen Sulphide monitor for scrubbers is available to suit all budgets and applications.

utilises a unique Wet H2S sensor that eliminates water vapour bleeding for accurate H2S monitoring, where condensing humidity conditions are normal.  Our ground-breaking

technology is directly installed in the stack with no need for sample conditioning and the detection limit is around 20ppb.  In normal use, an outlet monitor will read 0.05ppm to 0.200ppm. At these levels the scrubber is working effectively but in the event of a breakthrough, the reading will rise rapidly and the in-built alarms are activated before the legislative limit is reached.

“For those facilities with limited budgets, our methods of monitoring sulphides cost effectively overcome the issues associated with hydrogen sulphide measurement and odour control. ATi’s Q45S Wet Sensor for Scrubbers allows true control of the dosing systems and accurate monitoring of hydrogen sulphide levels, offering a complete solution to combating odour problems.”

For more information on Analytical Technology’s range of water and gas monitoring instrumentation call 0800 8046 062, e-mail sales@atiuk.com or visit www.atiuk.com.

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