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Odour Control Workshop Hailed A Success

The national SWIG odour control seminar, hosted by ATi, has been hailed a success bySWIG logo organisers, with 35 leading industry representatives attending to learn how to measure and manage odour from waste water treatment plants.

The seminar, held in ATi’s home town of Saddleworth near Manchester, saw scientists, engineers and decision-makers from utilities and equipment manufacturers such as Thames water, Environment Agency and WRc, supporting ongoing efforts to improve odour control, by highlighting widespread issues and discussing simple solutions.

Experts such ATi’s very own Dr Chlorine (Mike Strahand) presented specialist workshops, outlining the benefits of installing products such as ATi’s Q45S Wet H2S Gas Monitor or the A1581 Dissolved Sulphide Monitor, which help reduce odour and lower maintenance costs.

Rosa Richards, SWIG, said: “On behalf of SWIG (Sensing Water and Industry Group) I’d like to say a big thank you to ATi for hosting the workshop on odour.  We’ve had some excellent feedback about the content of the presentations and the venue, and it was good to have lots of informed discussions going on. We like to have interactive workshops with lots of networking, so I think it is safe to say it was a success!”

The water companies are being driven by the Ofwat service incentive mechanism to reduce adverse incoming contacts from customers, or face a reduction in their Ofwat score.  In addition, if enough people complain to Environmental Health, companies could be served with a statutory nuisance abatement notice, which can severely limit how a site is operated and also stays with the plant for life. 

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