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Preventing Legionella with Smart Sensor Technology

As world leaders in smart water quality, disinfection, monitoring and control, ATi discusses the hidden dangers lurking within water distribution systems, providing complete smart sensor solutions for the prevention and control of Legionella to maintain legal compliance.

How does Legionella bacteria grow in water systems?

Legionella bacteria commonly grows in water systems when water temperatures are between 20-45°C, spreading quickly where stagnation occurs. This can cause Legionnaires’ disease, a life-threatening condition caused by inhaling microscopic droplets of water contaminated with the Legionella bacterium.  There are several potential Legionella ‘hot spots’ within buildings, including showers, taps and water features, which provide the ideal environment for Legionella to multiply due to water sprays, which release dangerous aerosols into the atmosphere.

Managing & Preventing Legionella

Legionella cannot grow in clean, well-used and monitored water systems. As well as water temperature, Legionella bacteria likes stagnant, dirty systems that are fouled with corrosion products and scale.  If not managed and controlled it can thrive in:

  • Stagnant water in pipes.
  • Taps and other outlets, such as showers.
  • Spa pools, hot tubs, pools, fountains and water features left untreated.
  • Unused cooling systems, including air-conditioning cooling towers.

Legionella Continuous Smart Monitoring and Control Solutions

Reliable water quality monitoring systems are required as part of water management programmes to manage cleaning, disinfection, flushing, temperature checking, testing and continuous 24/7 monitoring.

ATi offers a Legionella monitoring and control solution, with strategically placed smart sensor technology that continuously monitors, polices and treats building water systems.

ATi’s pioneering, flexible and modular MetriNet smart water quality solution is specifically designed for water distribution systems, measuring all key parameters to maintain a safe, water network, including:

The bespoke, WRAS approved, MetriNet system can be configured to suit each individual site requirement, enabling relevant parameters to be measured at each hotspot location.  By installing the MetriNet smart sensors (M-Nodes) at pinch points, such as toilets, showers, renal dialysis rooms, HVAC systems, cooling towers etc, this unique water management system identifies and alerts to hazardous conditions, controlling the preventative steps to stop the spread of Legionella.

This smart water quality monitoring solution will send alerts if any parameters reach pre-determined levels and an automated, timed system will then control a flush with chlorine to disinfect the relevant network of pipes, reaching all potential Legionella hotspots.

ATi’s specialist technical engineers work closely with businesses and strategic partners to develop a bespoke system.  This includes:

  • Initial monitoring of inlet water and control throughout a network
  • Identifying areas where Legionella can flourish
  • Monitoring high and low-level biocide sensing and alarms
  • Maintaining water temperatures outside the ideal range for Legionella growth
  • Ensuring adequate disinfection to kill bacteria in multiple locations.
  • Monitoring for the release of biofilm.
  • Identify deadlegs and dead ends in pipes
  • Creating the best solution to ensure verification, validation and reporting
  • Monitoring for dissolved oxygen and pressure for risk reduction of corrosion
  • 24/7 protection with data to demonstrate validity and system efficacy.

ATi Global Water Quality & Disinfection Specialists

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chlorine sensors, ATi has earned a reputation over the last 30 years as global leaders in smart water quality, disinfection, monitoring and control, pioneering the development of innovative smart sensor technology.  Working with all UK water utilities, international water companies, pharmaceutical, medical, industrial, food and beverage customers, ATi’s award winning solutions are trusted across the globe.

What else can you do?

Another crucial factor in mitigating water stagnation is understanding the flow within your distribution system, whilst also gaining a better understanding of water usage.  Badger Meter, parent company of ATi, offers flow-monitoring solutions for influent, effluent, irrigation, steam and sustainability monitoring, along with energy and sub-metering, for large buildings. Combining these solutions with water quality monitoring systems from ATi provides building owners and facilities managers with effective tools to prevent Legionella outbreaks.

Learn more about Badger Meter’s flow monitoring solutions for Legionella prevention here.

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