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Safeguarding Water Quality, Source To Tap

As water increasingly becomes the world’s most precious resource, pioneering technological innovations are leading the way in addressing the current global water crisis, helping to achieve a sustainable future for drinking water.

The provision of safe drinking water for all has been recognised as one of the greatest technological and public health advances of the last century, but we cannot take water and it’s drinking quality for granted. Water is unlike any other utility commodity, it is more complex, and the human race personally ‘interacts’  with water every day, relying on it for survival. 

Managing water quality from Source to Tap is the core responsibility of the water industry, with public health and regulatory compliance of paramount concern to proactively safeguard water quality for customer use.  Due to the strict standards set by the DWI, the quality of the UK’s drinking water is now among the best in the world, but the water industry has a responsibility to deliver this same standard of water to communities across the globe

Universal access to clean, safe and wholesome drinking water should be a basic human right. Through ATi UK’s ongoing Source to Tap philosophy, we are more committed than ever to continue developing new and innovative solutions to ensure the guardianship and protection of water, focusing on access to safe and affordable drinking water for all.

According to Water Aid, 785 million people lack access to safe, clean water, which means that more than 1 of every 10 people on the planet are affected by the global water crisis.  Providing access to safe drinking water to over one billion people remains a challenge for humanity.  The development and implementation of appropriate and sustainable technologies and requisite institutional frameworks can make the crucial difference.


ATi UK strongly believes that we are all custodians of the journey that water takes and the entire water sector has been entrusted with the responsibility of supplying vital water and wastewater services to communities, safeguarding water at all points on its journey from Source to Tap.  In addition to delivering water that is consistently safe for drinking, aesthetically acceptable and of high quality, we also need to manage complex interactions between chemistry and energy consumption and continually develop innovative new solutions, with increased pressure from government regulators and stakeholders to manage these systems efficiently, effectively and in a transparent manner. 

Recent advances in digital technologies are now enabling better knowledge, system hygiene, more efficient monitoring, diagnostics and more targeted investments, along with intelligent system management.

Source To Tap Water Quality Solutions

Through ATi UK’s ongoing Source to Tap philosophy, we are more committed than ever to continue developing new and innovative solutions to ensure the guardianship and protection of water.  This commitment has led to us to being the only company able to provide an intelligent and sustainable Source to Tap journey, thanks to our industry-leading range of water quality monitors, including the pioneering MetriNet; the first smart, modular multi-parameter monitor for distribution networks.  These solutions provide no-compromise water quality monitoring in service reservoirs, pipes, valves, meter chambers and hydrants, along with measuring right through to the end user.

ATi UK’s WRAS approved, intelligent MetriNet solutions create real-time awareness of water quality throughout the cycle and suggest optimal control mechanisms to ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality water, reducing the risk of compliance violations and customer complaints.

This approach is providing water companies with high-powered, smart tools to ensure the energy-efficient delivery of high-quality water to communities, in a more environmentally friendly way.  MetriNet allows water to be monitored continuously throughout distribution networks, rather than the outdated grab samples that only allow for a snapshot in time and are more environmentally damaging due to chemicals and carbon footprint.   However, with WRAS approved, smart technology, like ATi’s MetriNet, the sample can be immediately returned back to the network, on average saving approximately 288 litres per day per system, which is 102,528 litres per year. Working in tandem with other technologies, can MetriNet also offer self-powered water quality monitoring, with zero water wastage, providing a sustainable and green energy supply

ATi UK is a values-based company and we are passionate about further reducing our impact on the environment and supporting communities.  We use the same sensors throughout our water quality range, resulting in low environmental impact due to little or no reagent use.  These solutions also help utilities make progress on the problems that matter most: water accessibility, environmental sustainability, resilience and affordability.  By pioneering the development and deployment of innovative, customer focused solutions, ATi UK strives to set the standards of the water we drink and the air we breathe, ensuring a safe, efficient and healthy environment.

The need for new, pioneering technology to continue improving performance is ever-present and now is the time for water companies to prepare for a more sustainable future and safeguard water quality.

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