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Satisfied Customer Installs Unique ATi Monitors

After 13 years of excellent service, cosmetics manufacturer Swallowfield Plc has announced the upgrade of its Somerset high purity water plant facilities with Analytical Technology’s gas transmitters, to detect and monitor potentially hazardous toxic gas leaks.

David Denham, Plant Engineer at Swallowfield Plc, with the new ATi F12 gas transmitter.

David Denham, Plant Engineer at Swallowfield Plc, with the new ATi F12 gas transmitter.

Using Ozone and UV technology, the water treatment plant provides pharmaceutical grade process water in the manufacture of beauty care products, and in keeping with core company values, Swallowfield Plc have upgraded their gas monitors to ensure the safest working environment for plant operators.

Conventional gas detection systems require costly manual ‘bump tests’ and annual service contracts, to ensure health and safety compliance. In contrast, ATi’s unique F12 system is the only one in the world that provides daily automatic self-tests that record each test result, making it 100% compliant with health and safety regulations. The F12 also employs SMART sensor technology, meaning Swallowfield can take advantage of ATi’s ‘Calibration Sensor Exchange Programme’ to arrange for sensors to be returned to ATi for re-calibration and certification, removing the need for expensive service engineer call-outs.

David Denham, Plant Engineer at Swallowfield Plc, explains “ATi’s technical expertise, service response times, together with the industry’s lowest life cost of ownership, are the reasons why Swallowfield have chosen to continue to re-equip our facilities with ATi’s equipment.

“Swallowfield is a leading global developer and manufacturer of toiletries, beauty and cosmetic products.  As part of this we strive to offer continuous improvement in quality, cost, service and delivery and this includes ensuring our facilities are equipped with the best available technology.”

Swallowfield have more than 130 years experience in the cosmetics, personal care and household goods market, boast a blue chip high quality customer base and have a strong reputation for innovation and quality.

Analytical Technology is the fastest growing specialist electrochemical sensor manufacturer in the UK, providing customers with excellent service, efficient and cost effective products and more than 25 years of industry experience.  ATi manufactures both water and gas monitoring instrumentation to help companies demonstrate compliance with the strict regulations outlined by the Environment Agency and EU Directives.  Industrial companies in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and metal finishing sectors employ Analytical Technology’s instrumentation to monitor trade effluents to ensure that only safe levels of chemicals are released into the environment.

For more information on Analytical Technology’s range of water and gas monitoring instrumentation please call 0800 8046 062, e-mail sales@atiuk.com or visit www.atiuk.com.

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