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Join official WWEM sponsors ATi for an insight into our exclusive range of intelligent smart water quality sensors and the profound impact they are having on the water industry.


For the first time, the UK Water PLC will have the opportunity to see the effect that ATi’s revolutionary new MetriNet, along with its whole range of smart sensors, is having on the way water quality is measured and managed, following a successful year-long project with a major water company. ATi will also discuss the importance of innovation and collaboration, which play vital roles in providing solutions to the industry’s challenges.


WWEM 18 stampVisitors to ATi’s booths (water stand 121 – 122 and gas stand 95) will have a fantastic opportunity to reacquaint themselves with our experienced, dedicated instrumentation, sales and support team.  Our long-standing, loyal customers will be pleased to know that Mike, Garry, Chris, Tristen, Vicky and Mark will be available for a catch up over a coffee in our normal relaxed environment.  Alongside the familiar faces, we’ll be bringing everyone up to date on the exciting advances being made in the world of smart water networks, specifically the fundamental role that the MetriNet (launched at WWEM 2016) is playing in UK Water PLCs journey towards smart water networks.


At various points throughout the day during WWEM, we will be presenting our vision of how ATi can work with other suppliers in a collaborative way to help deliver smart water networks to the UK water industry.  The brief 10-minute presentation will be given both in the WWEM workshops and four times throughout the day on the ATi stand 121-122.  To reserve a space for one of our presentations, please contact us on sales@atiuk.com.


Check out the latest MetriNet video for more information.



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